TOPICS AND SPEAKERS, FALL 2009   (subject to change)

5 October 2009 Roadmap for the Start-Up

Pete Higgins (Second Avenue Partners)
 Presentation (350 KB)       Video

12 October 2009
The Founding Team

Amber Ratcliffe  (NanoString Technologies)
Slides unavailable       Video

19 October 2009
Making the Transition from Research to Start-Up

Oren Etzioni  (UW CSE, Farecast)
 Presentation (2.2 MB)       Video

26 October 2009
Product Positioning (Is this a technology, product, or company?)

Alan Levy (North Star, Frazier Healthcare)
 Presentation (915 KB)       Video

2 November 2009
Validating Your Market (Who will buy this?)

Alex St. John (UW Techtransfer Entrepreneur in Residence)
 Presentation (670 KB)
John Hansen (GoAhead)
 Presentation (300 KB)       Video (both speakers)

9 November 2009
Legal Q&A for Start-Ups

Sonya Erikson (Cooley Godward)
 Presentation (140 KB)
Richard Black (Black Lowe and Graham)
 Presentation (840 KB)       Video (both speakers)

16 November 2009
10 Reasons Why Early-Stage Companies Fail   

Scott Lipsky (PhotoRocket)
 Presentation (2.4 MB)       Video

23 November 2009
Sources of Funding—Bootstrapping and SBIR   

Erik Nilsson (Insilicos)
 Presentation (4.8 MB)
Steve Stone (InfoAdeona)
 Presentation (364 KB)       Video (both speakers)

30 November 2009
Sources of Funding—Angels and Venture Capitalists   

Lucinda Stewart (OVP Venture Partners)
 Presentation (400 KB)
Geoff Entress (Voyager Capital)
 Presentation (480 KB)       Video (both speakers)

7 December 2009
Getting Started—Resources at the UW   

Connie Bourassa-Shaw (UW CIE)
 Presentation (656 KB)
Jim Roberts (UW TechTransfer)
 Presentation (156 KB)       Video (both speakers)

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